TROBOLO WandaGO Lite – Separating Toilet


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The TROBOLO WandaGO Lite is a compact and lightweight composting toilet, perfect for travel and outdoor activities. It’s easily portable and can be stored in any vehicle, making it an ideal choice for camping, van life, and similar adventures. Designed for ease of transport and storage. Additionally, it’s designed for odorless operation, providing a comfortable and sustainable toilet solution without the need for water, chemicals, or electricity



  • Extra compact transport dimensions
  • Fits in the stowage compartments of all standard campervans Weighs only 3.3 kg
  • Self-sufficient operation without water, chemicals or electricity
  • Reliable separation of urine and solids
  • Odourless and spill-proof thanks to TROBOLO SafeShell System®
  • Ergonomically shaped toilet seat for high comfort
  • Weatherproof and highly robust
  • Easy and hygienic emptying and cleaning
  • Practical holder for urine diverter in the lid
  • Firmly closing toilet lid
  • Optional inlay and toilet paper dispenser available
  • Includes one roll of inlays
  • Tested load-bearing capacity of 150 kgDimensions & weight Dimensions closed in mm: Height 300 | Depth 382 | Width 341Seat height in mm: 297Tested load-bearing capacity: 150 kg body weight Weight: The weight of the TROBOLO WandaGO Lite is 3.3 kg. Capacity Maximum number of uses per bowel movement: 8-12 uses Maximum number of uses by urination: 10-20 uses Volume of solids container: 6.5 litres Volume of liquid tank: 4.6 litres   Scope of delivery 1xTROBOLO WandaGO Lite 1xSolids container 6.5 litres 1xLiquids container 4.6 litres 1xRoll of inlays made of recyclable plastic (small) 1xUser manual Material Thanks to the robust polypropylene, your TROBOLO WandaGO Lite will last a long time and can even be left out in the rain. The durable plastic is also easy to clean. Shipping & set-up Your TROBOLO WandaGO Lite arrives by parcel service and is ready for use straight away. All you need to do is place an inlay in the solids container and make sure the installation site is level. Thanks to its compact size and low weight of 3.3 kg, the TROBOLO WandaGO Lite is ideal for transport and can be easily stored in a caravan, van or car. The use of your composting toilet is absolutely odourless. The built-in separator keeps solid and liquid waste separate, ensuring odour-free use at all times. Odourless thanks to natural litter and the TROBOLO SafeShell system, which also protects the liquid waste tank from spillage when you’re on the move. You don’t need water, electricity or chemicals to operate it. This means you are always self-sufficient and can even dispose of the waste yourself without having to rely on disposal stations. Solid waste and liquid containers can be removed and emptied separately in an instant. Solid waste, such as used nappies, can be disposed of with your household waste. Liquid waste can either be flushed down the toilet or diluted with water and used as a natural fertiliser. Your TROBOLO WandaGO Lite can be used flexibly and is the perfect companion for excursions and camping trips. Small but powerful With dimensions of 30 x 38 x 34 cm (H x D x W) and a weight of only 3.3 kg, the TROBOLO WandaGO Lite is easy to transport and stow away. The perfect composting toilet to take with you on your next camping trip.

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Weight 3,3 kg
Dimensions 300 × 382 × 341 cm


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