TROBOLO WandaGO – Separating Toilet for Campervan


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TROBOLO WandaGO is a separating / composting toilet designed for camper and vanlife. It offers unparalleled convenience for outdoor enthusiasts and van lifers with its compact, lightweight design, ensuring easy portability and storage. It operates odorlessly without the need for water, chemicals, or electricity, making it an eco-friendly choice for sustainable living. Its hassle-free setup guarantees a comfortable and sanitary restroom experience, wherever your adventures take you.




The best composting / separating toilet for campervan and vanlife

For any car, van and camper We designed the TROBOLO WandaGO to fit easily into any type of vehicle. Do you drive a VW California, Mercedes Marco Polo or Ford Nugget? In these models, you can stow our mobile composting toilet neatly in the designated toilet compartment.

  • Extra compact transport dimensions
  • Fits in the storage compartments of all standard campervans
  • Weighs only 4.7 kg
  • Adjustable seat height of 310 mm or 490 mm
  • Self-sufficient operation without water, chemicals or electricity
  • Reliable separation of urine and solids
  • Odourless and spill-proof thanks to TROBOLO SafeShell System®
  • Integrated inlay and toilet paper dispenser
  • Ergonomically shaped toilet seat for high comfort
  • Weatherproof and highly robust
  • Easy and hygienic emptying and cleaning
  • Practical holder for urine diverter in the lid
  • Firmly closing toilet lid
  • Includes one roll of inlays and one packet of toilet paper
  • Tested load-bearing capacity of 150 kg


Dimensions & weight

Dimensions when closed in mm: Height 313 | Depth 382 | Width 341

Min. seat height in mm:


Max. seat height in mm:



Maximum number of usages through defecating: 8-12 usages

Maximum number of usages through urinating:

10-20 usages

Volume of the container for solids:

6.5 litres

Volume of the container for liquids:

4.6 litres

Recommended intervals between emptying for the solids container:

5-10 days

Recommended intervals between emptying for the liquids container:

Thanks to TROBOLO SafeShell System®, the maximum number of usages can be exhausted independent of the time.

Scope of delivery

1xTROBOLO WandaGO 1xsolids container 6.5 litres 1xliquids container 4.6 litres 1xtoilet paper dispenser 1xTROBOLO toilet paper 1xRoll of inlays made of recyclable plastic (small) 1xuser manual


The TROBOLO WandaGO is made of robust polypropylene. The material allows for a long service life and even if you forget your composting toilet in the rain, it will withstand this without any problems. In addition, the durable plastic is easy to clean.

Shipping & set-up

As soon as the parcel service hands over your TROBOLO WandaGO, it is immediately ready for use. All you have to do is remove the composting toilet from the transport box and insert an inlay into the solids container. Thanks to its compact dimensions and a weight of less than 5 kg, the TROBOLO WandaGO is ideal for transport and can be installed in any camper, van or car. The stacking function allows a standard seat height of 490 mm, so that no compromises have to be made in terms of comfort. Inside the TROBOLO WandaGO, an integrated separator ensures consistent separation of excretions, enabling odourless use at all times. Odourlessness is ensured by natural litter and the TROBOLO SafeShell System®, which at the same time protects the fluid from spilling over while driving or during travel. Chemicals are not used, so you are not dependent on disposal stations for disposal, but can carry this out independently on your own. By simply clicking the separating insert into the toilet lid, the solids and liquids containers can be removed and emptied separately in no time at all. You can dispose of the solid waste together with the inlay in the household waste, such as with used diapers. Liquid waste can be disposed of in a conventional toilet or diluted with water and used as natural fertilizer. Your TROBOLO WandaGO can be used flexibly and is the ideal companion for travel and camping. When using it, you should only make sure that the place of use is flat.

Additional information

Weight 4,7 kg
Dimensions 313 × 382 × 341 cm


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