TROBOLO BillaBox – Separating Toilet


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The Trobolo BilaBox is a portable composting toilet that features an ultra-lightweight design and compact Eurobox dimensions, making it ideal for on-the-go use. It’s weatherproof, sturdy, and ready for immediate use whenever needed. This product is part of Trobolo’s line of composting toilets, which are designed to offer a self-sufficient, comfortable, and sustainable toilet solution without the need for water or chemicals.


How does the TROBOLO BilaBox work?
The TROBOLO BilaBox is ready to use in seconds. Simply attach the insert to the urine distributor, pour in the litter and you're ready to go.

Compact Eurobox standard size
Only 2.8 kg weight
Discreet appearance
Self-sufficient operation without water, chemicals or electricity
Reliable separation of urine and solids
Odourless and spill-proof thanks to the TROBOLO SafeShell System®
Weatherproof and highly robust
Easy and hygienic emptying and cleaning
Practical holder for toilet lid
Includes one roll of inlays
Tested load-bearing capacity of 150 kg

Dimensions & weight
Dimensions closed in mm:
Height 297 | Depth 400 | Width 300

Seat height in mm:

Tested load-bearing capacity:
150 kg body weight

The weight of the TROBOLO BilaBox is 2.8 kg.

Maximum number of usages through defecation:
10-14 uses

Maximum number of uses by urination:
10-20 uses

Capacity for solids:
9 litres

Volume of the container for liquids:
4.6 litres


Recommended emptying intervals for solid waste:

5-10 days

Recommended emptying intervals of the liquids container:
Thanks to TROBOLO SafeShell System®, the maximum number of usages can be exhausted independent of the time.

Scope of delivery
1xLiquids container 4.6 litres
1xRoll of inlays made of recyclable plastic (small)
1xUser manual

The TROBOLO BilaBox is made of durable polypropylene. This material ensures a long service life and even if you forget your composting toilet in the rain, it can withstand it without any problems. In addition, the resistant plastic is easy to clean.

Shipping & set-up
As soon as the parcel service hands over your TROBOLO BilaBox, it is immediately ready for use. With a weight of only 2.8 kg and compact dimensions, the composting toilet is easy to transport and space-saving. Whether as a mobile companion on the road or as an emergency toilet, your TROBOLO BilaBox is always a practical and reliable solution when no sanitary facilities are available.

Thanks to the integrated urine diverter, the use of the composting toilet is odourless and requires neither water, electricity nor chemicals. The solid waste ends up directly in the inlay provided, which is attached to the urine diverter. After use, you simply add some litter to the inlay, while the liquids container is protected from odours and spillage by the clever TROBOLO SafeShell System®.

You can empty and dispose of the toilet waste independently and without disposal stations. Solids can be disposed of together with the inlay, such as used diapers, in the household waste or alternatively composted. The liquids can be disposed of via a regular toilet or diluted with water and used as natural fertiliser.

With the TROBOLO BilaBox by your side, you always have access to a convenient toilet wherever you are. When using it, you should always make sure that the composting toilet is placed on a level surface.

Additional information

Weight 2,8 kg
Dimensions 297 × 400 × 300 cm


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