TROBOLO TinyBlœm – Komposttoilette


(Versand und Steuer im Preis enthalten)

Das TROBOLO TinyBlœm ist ideal für kleine Häuser und Wohnmobile. Mit ihren kompakten Abmessungen, dem integrierten Abluftsystem und der externen Urinableitung bietet diese fest installierte Komposttoilette höchsten Komfort.




Composting Toilet with external urine divertion and smell exhaust system


  • Handmade wooden body with an exclusive style
  • Integrated exhaust system with low power consumption
  • Self-sufficient operation without water, chemicals or litter
  • Reliable separation of urine and solids
  • High-quality wooden toilet seat with surface sealing
  • Easy and hygienic emptying and cleaning
  • Choice of treated or untreated wooden surfaces
  • With mounting kit for permanent installation
  • Includes one roll of inlays
  • Tested load-bearing capacity of 200 kg

Dimensions & weight

Floor space in mm:
Depth 430 | Width 370

Dimensions when closed in mm:
Height 480 | Depth 495 | Width 370

Seat height in mm:


Maximum number of usages through defecating:
30-40 usages

Recommended intervals between emptying for the solids container:
the maximum number of usages can be exhausted independent of the time.

Volume of the container for solids:
11 litres

Scope of delivery

1xTROBOLO TinyBlœm
1xsolids container 11 litres
1x2m urine tube DN32
1x2m air hose DN50
1xmounting kit
1xpower plug
1xRoll of inlays made of recyclable plastic (large)
1xuser manual


The TROBOLO TinyBlœm is made of high-quality 15mm and 12mm alder multilayer board, a material which is extremely robust and sturdy despite its low weight. The urine diverter is made of extra robust and recyclable polypropylene.

Electrical exhaust system

The electrical exhaust system can be flexibly connected via a USB connection (12V, 24V or 230V) with very low power consumption. Max. amperage is 0.26 A, max. power consumption 1.3 W and noise level 19.3 dB.

Shipping & set-up

We will deliver your TROBOLO TinyBlœm conveniently by parcel service. It contains all the utensils you need for installation in your Tiny House or motor home. The TinyBlœm has a compact design, is practical to use and is particularly suitable for rooms with limited space. The electrical exhaust system has very low power consumption and ensures absolutely odourless operation.

Your new dry separating toilet is firmly screwed to the floor or wall of your Tiny House or motorhome. The external urine drain can be easily connected to an external container or tank, the waste water connection of your Tiny House or the grey water tank of your caravan. This means that no additional urine disposal is necessary. Its rounded appearance makes the TROBOLO TinyBlœm a truly unique design that fits perfectly into any room concept.

Additional information

Weight 12,7 kg
Dimensions 512 × 470 × 330 cm


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